Marie- Louise,

We finally returned back to USA. I wanted to personally thank you for showing us Vincent Van Gogh’s roots within the Netherlands , the wonderful collection of some of his work at the Kroller-Muller Museum. Visiting your home town Zundert and Nuenen, where Vincent grew up and spent time painting while in the Netherlands. Chloe and I really enjoyed all the informative information you shared with us about Vincent’s upbringing, his struggles becoming an artist. How his family life,  his close ties with his brother Theo, and fellow artists companions shaped him into the artist the World admires. While touring these areas you brought us to the locations where Van Gogh created some of his famous work explaining the connections and conflicts he experienced while creating these masterpieces. When we visited The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, viewing these works was an extremely special experience. The knowledge you shared with us about Vincent Van Gogh , allowed us to truest connect with each of his works.
We had a wonderful Vincent Van Gogh experience while visiting the Netherlands, it is mainly because of your exceptional tours. We will highly recommend your company to all our friends
Thank you again for being our guide- we had a wonderful time.
D & C Gatta

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