At 9.00 pm we picked up a mother and a daughter from an Amsterdam hotel.

They were livind in the USA and were both very much into culture and art. Especially the mother she told me that she was originally from Europe, that Van Gogh was her favorite painter. “The potato eaters” is her favorite painting.

Because we would visit Zundert and Nuenen, I knew she would get excited, because the Nuenen museum “Vincentre”is dedicated to the life of the people in Nuenen and to the people from “the potato eaters”.

The mother and daughter were enthousiastic about Zundert, the small village in Brabant, where Vincent was born in 1890 where we visited the VanGoghHuis, the church and the graveyard and had a great lunch at Auberge Van Gogh.

After this we left for Nuenen; First visited “The Vincentre”and really the mother got very excited about this museum and theit tribute to “the potato eaters“; after this we had a walk in the village and ended with drinks at “Opwetten water mill”.

The Opwetten water mill was painted by Vincent in 1884 as one of the three watermills in the neighboorhood.

Vincent was never allowed to enter the area anyhow. At this moment the “Opwetten water mill” is a beautiful place in the nature. Nowadays it’s a restaurant. So still a great place to visit in the memory of Vincent.

A great day to spent in Van Gogh’s homelandtour, without any hussle with public transportation.

The only way to visit Zundert and Nuenen in one day !

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