Vincent, lived for 2 years (1883 – 1885) in the village of Nuenen, where he painted his first masterpiece “the potato eaters”.

In Nuenen there are still a lot of places which remind of the life and the paintings which Vincent made during the stay in this village. Here you can really step into his footsteps. There is also a small museum to visit here: The Vincentre, dedicated to the life of Vincent in Nuenen and the potato eaters.

Vincent painted the above painting as a present for his mother, because she had broken her hip and could not visit the church anymore for a period of 3 months, where her husband was the minister. In this way Vincent’s mother was still somehow present in church. At this time Vincent and Margot Begemann, the neighboor girl took care for his mother Anna van Gogh-Carbentus.

Very close to the church you find the vicarage, where Vincent lived with his family for a while. After his father had died and there where a lot of discussions, one of his sisters asked Vincent to leave the house.

Also outside the village there are a lot of places reminding of his 2 years stay. Anyway a very nice place to visit !

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