Are you interested of following in the footstep of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

Did you know that Vincent van Gogh was born in the south of the Netherlands, Brabant, in a small village, Zundert and that he spent more than half of his life in the south of the Netherlands. In these places he found his inspiration for the later Works. A lot of these places are close to nature and gave the inspiration for the farmer life.

The map below shows the places in Brabant.

van gogh plaatje Brabant

Green: Zundert: the village where Vincent was born in 1853. He spent most of his time here till the age of 16.

At this moment it is possible to visit the VincentvanGoghHuis in Zundert, the church where his father was a minister, the statue of Zadkine: Vincent and Theo.

Just outside Zundert you can visit the main house “De Moeren1818”; It s a great place just outside Zundert, where Vincent often came when he was a child. Because this is an exclusive place reservation is needed on forehand.

foto de moeren met bloemen

Orange: Tilburg: the city where Vincent went to high school till the age of 15.

Here he got his first education for drawing.

Vincent never finished high school.

At this moment it is possible to visit his drwaing class: Vincent’s tekenlokaal.


Blue: Etten

When Vincent returned from Belgium, after a miserable period for him, he decided to become an artist at the age of 30. He stayed for half a year with his parents in Etten.

At this moment it is possible to visit the church here, where his father worked. The church is decorated with beautiful windows with scenes from the life of Vincent van Gogh.


Red: Nuenen (1853/1854)

In this village Vincent lived for 2 years with his family. Here he made about 200 paintings and a lot of other Works. In this place Vincent made his first masterpiece: “De aardappeleters”.

In Nuenen it is nowadays possible to visit around 20 places , which still remind of his stay in Nuenen. The Vincentre is a museum reminding of his life in Nuenen.


Purple: Den Bosch

The Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch which shows at least 9 paintings from the Brabant Period.

Here is a special area attributed to Vincent van Gogh.

It is possible to visit these places with a day tour: Van Gogh Exclusive offers daytours from Amsterdam in an exclusive way for small groups: till 14 persons.

Look for the opportunities on:

Special opportunities:

In 2015 it is 125 years ago that Vincent van Gogh died in Auvers sur Oise; and the theme 125 years of inspiration was launched because of this. A lot of places all over Europe have been given soms special attention.

Keukenhof: the famous Keukenhof open from the 22th of March is also working with the theme Van Gogh in 2015.

Bloemencorso Zundert : the first Sunday of September there is traditionally the “bloemencorso in Zundert” For 2015 the Van Gogh theme is embraced. This is a special occasion to visit the village where Vincent was born.

Ontwerpen 2015



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