6 – 7 September 2015

Dating from 1936, the annual Zundert Flower Parade (Bloemencorso Zundert) sees dozens of imaginative floats created by hundreds of volunteers parade through the streets of ‘Dutch Master’ Vincent Willem van Gogh’s hometown.

Corso Zundert is the largest flower parade in the world.

During the parade weekend, music and theatrical performances create a carnival atmosphere.

The theme for the Zundert Van Gogh Flower Parade in 2015 will be Vincent van Gogh, 125 years of inspiration.
For more information:

This is the 3th time in the history of Zundert Flower Parade that the special theme is dedicated to Vincent van Gogh. That’s why we call it the Zundert Van Gogh flower parade.

If you are interested to visit this spectacle please contact us; so we can see what we can arrange for you, as we are originally from Zundert, we can tell you about the village and it’s history.

If you click here you get an impression of the floats in 2015.

Foto corso

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